Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Beautiful Hypocrisy

I'm beginning to wonder if in ten or 15 years time we will be discussing the career of Raheem Sterling as a cautionary career tale for all young footballers. As I previously did here about Nile Ranger, or how many in football discuss the many, many curious transfers of nomadic former French international Nicolas Anelka.

Because, as of right now everything about a fledgling career that was looking extremely good is being diminished with each passing fan comment, journalists tweet and ex-players column. No one is doubting the winger's obvious talent or the difference he made at times to a stuttering Liverpool side but all that work that was applauded on the pitch is quickly being whitewashed by his behaviour off it. And should he fail to meet the potential that was discussed when he was a teenager at Queens Park Rangers, minds more astute than my own will recall this period in his career.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Just one thing after another in this game we love

I was hoping my next blog would be something a little lighter, something a bit more happy or positive. But yet again it's been another week of football life where it's left me feeling like I could easily rip all my hair out.

Actually, there was something that made me smile. It's great to see how well the England u21's are doing, at a time when we often despair at the state of our national team. Gareth Southgate has gone about his business quietly and got a lot of talented youngsters playing some good football. A fact we all hope will benefit the seniors over the next few years.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Quick to cuss, yet not so quick to compliment...

I have to admit, I have a lot of time for what is going on at St. Mary's Stadium; and not just because they play in red and white!

The football fan in me will always root for the underdog - unless they're Anderlecht - and as cheesy as it sounds, one of the smaller boys going up against the so called top tier of the Premier League will always make me smile.